Here you can get answers to the most frequently asked questions. Are we missing something? So contact us per. mail or phone.

A swinger club is a big playground for grown people. Here you can live out most of your fetishes/fantasies.
In general, swinger club visits themselves are confidence-building, you often discover that complexes and shyness disappear, as everyone is equal in a swinger club.

For some couples, sex life, like everything else, can run a little tired and need spice; either together as a couple or where only one plays actively. Or maybe you can't express yourself at home because of children in the house or thin walls for the neighbour, and then it's just a bit of a hassle to have a cross on the wall at home or a love swing in the ceiling - this and much more can be found in el Diablo.

For single women, a swinger club is a safe place to play, and where both employees and guests ensure that everyone can feel completely safe.
We take great care of the girls in the swinger community.

For single guys, it's a cheeky and uncomplicated playground with no strings attached.

Everyone is welcome regardless of nationality, age or appearance. So stop by. There are plenty of others just like you!

If you just want to see what the club looks like, feel free to contact us. Then we can arrange a tour. But you are expected to be active when you visit the club. Otherwise, there are other coffee clubs that probably fit better with what you are looking for

No, you don't have to have sex in the club, but of course it's the most fun 😉
In addition, it is strictly forbidden to touch other guests without first getting permission or being invited.

As it is important for us that all our guests in the club have a good experience, here are some rules that must be observed.

1. Discretion is a matter of course, and photography/video recording is prohibited, except in our video room, where a sign will be posted if video/photographs are taken.

2.Always politely ask for permission (except in our Czech room) to participate and respect a no. If this is not respected, you can be expelled/excluded from the club.

3. ALL sex in the club takes place with a condom, unless otherwise agreed between you and your partner.

4. It is not allowed to bring your own drinks in the club, but our bar has a wide selection at affordable prices.

5. The rules of the wellness room are hung at the entrance to this and must be respected.

Note: You CAN be denied access to the club if you are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Examples of clothing in a swinger club are everything from fetish fashion such as lacquer, leather, latex and wet look to elegant and naughty underwear, lace, nylon and naughty lingerie.
For guys, regular nice (not old pre-washed) boxer shorts are allowed.

It is not permitted to wear ordinary everyday clothes in the club.

Stilettos are of course allowed, but we ask that you do not wear them in the beds, as they may break in this case.

Yes, there are changing rooms with locked cupboards and good bathing opportunities in the club.

No, you can just turn up, but you should register on the day, otherwise you risk being turned away if there are too many single men or the house is full. But you are of course welcome to take the chance.

No, mobile phones and other electronics are left in the dressing room.

Greet discreetly and do not make contact unless the other person makes contact. Everyone who comes to a club is there for the same thing (to have a nice experience). So no problems, no gossip to anyone!

There are the following accommodation options:

Own caravan
It is possible to bring your own caravan or motorhome for overnight stays at the club's car park.
Be aware that it is not possible to connect electricity and water. Likewise, there is nowhere to dump content from WC tank.
Contact the club to reserve a place.

We do not have rooms on site for overnight stays. We therefore refer to various accommodation options nearby, which you can contact on your own.

Hørby Ferry Inn
The closest is Hørby Færgekro, which has a unique location right by the fjord. To it is a very delicious restaurant. In addition, you can occasionally take a small electric ferry to Holbæk as well.

Hotel Strandparken
Here it is possible to book a room and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the middle of Holbæk's beautiful park area by the water.

Hotel Sidesporet
Are you for a stay where you are close to shops, cafes and restaurants, we recommend Hotel Sidesporet in Holbæk Centrum, close to the main street and the fjord. Here it is of course also possible to order breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Camp One Holbæk Fjord Camping
If you are into cabins and caravans, you will find here a lovely campsite with wellness and many other activities. The site is close to the scenic area and the marina, where there is also a restaurant. In addition, you are also close to Holbæk Golf Club.

Yes, it is possible to rent our 550m2 high class club for private events.

Contact us on tel: 27766666 or email: for more information.